Social Media

Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment"

Are you investing in Social Media (SM) Marketing?  This day in age, SM is growing rapidly and offers a variety of options to promote your business and an excellent way to increase brand awareness.

Social Media Account Management

We will work with your team to plan and execute the right social media campaign that is targeting the right audience.

Content Creation

Content created and customized specifically for your product or service. Fitted perfectly for different post sizes

Brand Awareness

Increase your company's image and social media footprint. AMG will use effective techniques and strategies to get more people to like or follow your social media page. 



AMG will work with you and the team to create the best package that fits your goal.



Once your plan is implemented, creating content is the next step. With our in-house tools, we make it easy to develop customized content tailored to your needs. 



Send out and post content on schedule and throughout the year with on-going maintenance.

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